Friday, 4 January 2013

A Little Kitchenware Haul

I've spent most of my day sat at my 'desk' (aka the dining table-my real desk is full of crap. Got a LOT of sorting out to do), mostly procrastinating and getting a little bit of work done in between. This reminds me of my uni days, where I had to force myself to Starbucks or Costa in order to get some work done. The lack of distractions, people milling around and strangely comforting whirring of the coffee machines conspired to enable me to write anything at all and get a degree. Starbucks may not pay tax, but they helped a procrastinating girl to get her essays done. Oh, the unstructured life of an arts student.

But now I'm a grown up it's back to work on Monday, along with 5.20am wake up calls. NOOOO.

Back to the point of this post...I have a little kitchenware 'haul' to share. I have a penchant for quirky/cute kitchen items (even though my bf doesn't, being a lover of order and all things matchy) and am on a little mission to fill my (oops, our) kitchen with them. Some of these things I got for Christmas, some I purchased for an insanely low price at Ikea.

In no particular order: Cake tins from Ikea (3 for under £3...crazy!) 2 little bowls from Ikea, a masher, marshmallow salad spoons, lots of tubberware and 2 glass jars (which were 80P!!! each from good old Ikea).

The cake tins in all their glory. I think they were on sale because they are Christmas leftovers, but they remind me more of gingerbread, in general, despite the trees. Even looking at that gingerbready colour makes me want gingerbread. I don't even like the stuff that much, apart from, maybe, the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop gingerbread, the recipe for which, apparently, hasn't changed since the shop came into existence in Victorian times.When I was at uni (what is it with me and uni nostalgia today?!) I was a member of a hillwalking club, and on our trips to the Lake District we used to go out of our way to buy this delicious crumbly goodness.

I digress....take a look at my marshmallow salad spoons: 

I love how saintly I'd feel plunging these into a healthy salad. Saintly or wrong...can't quite decide which yet. 

A close up of my little bowls from Ikea. I thought these were on sale, but they weren't, so I ended up paying double what I thought I would be (they were only £4, but still, my mind was in bargain mode). I love using the little bowls for yoghurt/nuts/honey/porridge/cake combos/other goodness. 

So that's it for my little kitchenware haul. I'll definitely be making a cake in the next day or two, possibly a date and walnut this space. 

Right, back to the grind. Hope you're all having a good Friday.


  1. Ikeeeeeaaaa! Ikea glass jars are so simple (& cheap) but so ridiculously pleasing. And who knows why?! Proper love those cute cake tins too. What a fab steal.

  2. What adorable spoons!

    I like quirky kitchenware too - I am particularly attached to one tiny little silver spoon that isn't part of any set. Eating doesn't feel the same without it and I'm always worried I'm going to lose it. So much drama over a spoon ;)


  3. I love those glass jars. I keep meaning to pick some up!

  4. I love the christmassy tins!

  5. I Love finding cool little touches for the kitchen. I go to Goodwill all the time (thrift store). Yesterday I found 4 dinner plates and 4 luncheon plates in the most adorable dragonfly (my favorite!) pattern for $2.99!! Couldn't believe it! I need to do a photo and post it. I love a deal!