Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Thoroughly Lazy Saturday

So I'm not usually one for rest and relaxation, but today, this just sort of happened:

I spent the majority of the day in my slobbing clothes- pj bottoms and a hoody. I'm not going to lie, I did quite enjoy it. After a manic first week back at work (which also involved me dressing as an Ancient Greek and making Greek vases out of balloons, shredded newspaper and glue...funfun) chilling out at home wasn't too bad.

I say chilling out at home...I ended up running for 1 hour on the treadmill, going to Sainsbury's to do our weekly shop and a fair bit of baking (for me anyway!) Now we are tidying the house and putting up pictures before settling in to an evening of mulled wine (I 'accidentally' purchased some more at Sainsbury's today...can't use the excuse of using up the Christmas leftovers anymore. However, it was ridiculously cheap, so I had to take advantage) and a film. Not sure which film yet...depends how we feel. Possibly 'Black Swan', but it might be a bit depressing for a Saturday night on the settee.

I had a bit of a weird experience at Sainsbury's today. As I was walking around the aisles, I couldn't for the life of me decide what I wanted to eat. Everything just felt wrong. This is partly due to me being a bit silly yesterday and just snacking all day instead of eating meals (primarily biscuits and fruit). Main meals seemed a bit alien. It was only one day 'off' but it still made me feel a bit lost. I did manage to buy some healthy main meal ingredients for the coming week though, so yay me. I then got asked for ID at the counter, and of course, me being me, I didn't have any with me. Do I look THAT young? I don't know, I think I could pass for a range of ages, from 19-30. Maybe. Luckily, the lady at the counter called her supervisor, who exclaimed 'I've dealt with this young lady before, she's fine'. Has she 'dealt' with me before? I'm not sure, but thanks for the validation lady, and thanks for the (2 bottles of) mulled wine. We shall enjoy it this weekend!

Now on to the baking...

Before I show you the pictures, you must know that I am a lover of all things plain. Just saying.

First up, I made Spelt Scones: 

These contained: spelt flour, butter and caster sugar. That's it. When S cracked into one, he first complained that a) I didn't use 'proper flour' and b) they were still a bit doughy (so undercooked then). But I had a nibble and they suited my tastebuds just fine.

The second was a date and walnut loaf. I'll possibly post the recipe tomorrow, but here is the outcome:

This had more taste than the scones, I'll admit that. It was rather tasty, especially with the addition of a bit of Greek yoghurt.

For lunch I ate this:

Tuna pitta and sweetcorn in a tin. A truly lazy Saturday lunch.


  1. I'm still in my slob clothes, lol. The scones sound amazing!!!

  2. Love your pj pants!!
    YAY for running on the treadmill! It can be boring, but it's all about keeping your mind occupied, I've learned :)
    I ADORE doughy bread. Absolute favorite! And the walnut and date combo is such a delicious combo, too!
    People have always thought I look older than I am, which has been beneficial and somewhat awkward in the past ;)
    Lazy Saturdays = Best days ever

  3. HA! I ALWAYS get asked for my ID and I'm 27 now. :D
    Your lazy day sounds great, I'd love to have one soon! :)

    And hmmm, scones. Just love them and they look delicious.

    Take care, dear. <3