Monday, 7 January 2013

Today's Eats and Thoughts

First day back at work, and I'm pretty zonked! I've probably mentioned this before, but I wake up at 5.20am, leave the house at 6.15am and return home for 7.30pm. Then I cook dinner and before I know it, it's time for bed. I am fighting against this work-eat-sleep routine and I'm going out  for dinner with friends/S on Tuesday and Thursday. A glass or two of wine will probably (definitely) be consumed.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you your thoughts on Lunch. When I'm at work, I have very little time to eat, say 20 minutes, and so I like to eat something compact that provides lasting energy. So most days my lunch looks like this:

Throughout the day I eat: a protein bar, 2 rice cakes and 2 apples. I've realised that this is probably not enough, as I started to feel a bit weak by 6ish. I felt pretty snacky when I got in, and so I nibbled through some seeds, dried fruit and a rather large prune when I was cooking. 

But I decided to cook! I'm quite proud. When I get home I usually can't be bothered so I just snack or eat a bowl of porridge. 

Tonight's dinner: 

Spicy Veggie Chapatti Wraps...what it is supposed to look like. 

What my version looked like (after we made a quick dash to the shop, realising that we had forgotton the 2 main ingredients, chickpeas and a tin of tomatoes. Duh.)

 And I ate this lot: 


Sweet potato, chickpeas, a tin of tomatoes, curry powder, spinach and Greek yoghurt all mixed up. Pretty tasty, but I'm still not sure it's worth the amount of time it takes to cook. I'm still on the hunt for mega quick healthy meals, for a novice like me (so no Jamie's '15 min' meals...though I am tempted to see if I can meet the challenge).

Thoughts- being sensitive:
So I'm a pretty sensitive soul sometimes (thin skinned?) Today I was talking to someone important to me, telling them what I had eaten during the day. They insinuated that I was boring them and that they were ready to fall asleep. Granted, I guess it can be boring if you're not interested in food/cooking at all, but I felt as though they were saying that I was boring.  I guess they were just trying to move me away from obsessing over what I've consumed onto more interesting topics, and after all, I am not just what I eat despite the popular saying. But meh, I felt a bit hurt. 

I enjoy hearing about food and cooking anyway! 

Hope you're all having good Mondays :) 


  1. I enjoy talking about food/cooking too... Sometimes my boyfriend gets this glazed over look when I'm happily chatting away about the subject. Granted, your person was a bit rude but I wouldn't take it personally. There are certain things you just need to shrug off, ya know? :)

    The chickpea dish looks really good!!!

    My suggestion for a quick healthy fix would be a protein shake or maybe a quick wrap with a few key ingredients (tomato, basil, mozzarella or pear, crumbled goat cheese and raw walnuts) this way you're incorporating various healthy foods for energy.

    1. I do need to shrug it off, you're right. I guess I just expected this person to be more tactful. I accept that my food-talk isn't the most interesting thing to most though!

      A wrap sounds good, I might think about shaking my lunches up once I run out of protein bars. Thanks for the suggestions :)


  2. Your dinner looks so good! When I work a long day I don't often get a lunch break at all so take loads of snacks to graze on that are quite calorie dense to save trying to stuff a sandwich down whilst on the phone or filling in a form! xx

    1. Got to love a good snack (perferably in a pretty box). Xx

  3. Um...yeah, I actually don't think you're being too sensitive. That person was bloody rude! I can't believe someone would think that's okay to say to you, even if it is intended to get your focus off food and on to other things. There is such a thing as tact...I suppose I am sensitive too but I've never got the whole 'cruel to be kind' approach.

    With your lunch...could you put some PB on those rice cakes? If you like nut butters then that would add some staying power because your lunch/snack is lacking in healthy fats. Also, I don't know about you but apples take forever to eat! I take about fifteen minutes to eat an apple - maybe some grapes or a banana would be easier and more energy dense so you wouldn't have to rush your lunch?

    Just some suggestions, feel free to ignore if I'm waffling!


    1. I'm not a fan of the 'cruel to be kind' approach either. It does get me to to reflect and change my behaviour sometimes, but usually because a conversation has made me feel bad about myself. There are indeed more tactful ways of saying these things, and it is likely to lead to better results internally, because any change isn't motivated by a fear of being disliked. Or maybe I am just too sensitive!

      I like the nut butter idea, and it is totally doable. You're right about the apple thing; I tend to see it as an 'easy fruit' although it takes a good few minutes for me to eat. Maybe it's just an easy fruit mentally...they feel safe to me. I used to bring a banana to work, but it always got squashed in my bag and turned to mush. I could invest in a banana guard. I've seen a few in Lakeland and I can imagine whipping one out at work. (I know how to have fun.)

      And you're not waffling at all, I always enjoy reading your comments/suggestions :)


  4. Seems delicious!


    Coline !